Lately I have been so grateful to have such an amazing town, The’ve helped me a ton since i first brought my title around. I was a bit worried that i wouldnt be able to get my name out there but my first event i did it! My main sponsor is Wadena Co-op, all together they helped me raise approximately $800 which was such a success for one day! I promote there name proudly. My second sponsor is Wadena Drugs, They helped me alot with a $200 cheque, Than Fishing Lake High School Handed me a $200 Cheque as well. Which was so generous 🙂 I’m happy i have 400 for Free the children, Then there’s Touchwood Child & family services. I Have not recieved there cheque yet, but i know it will be a good one. All my sponsors i have collected now I am so very proud of and i know they are very proud of me as well. Hopefully i could pick up a couple more before the time comes! Happy Blogging!

Written by: Natahni Paquachan

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  1. Great to see all the support you are receiving! Can’t wait to meet you so soon!

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