Since my platform is to fight against portraying media images, I decided to go to our local elementary school and speak to the young grades 1,2, 3 and 4.. I told them about my title and what i wanted to do with it, I really wanted to get the young kids a chance at making a difference to. I explained the poverty levels our world has, and to be thankful for everything they had. I encouraged the young students to start thinking about what they wanted to be when they grew up and how they wanted to make a difference. Alot of them were so happy and joyful, with very clever answers and questions. I than offered to help paint the railings a new color, it was so fun, especially when they wanted to get goofy and finger paint some of the recycling boxes. I definitely felt a great joy when the young kids surrounded me with laughter and smiles. I am sure my message and advice for the younger  was well listened to  🙂

Written by: Natahni Paquachan

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