Hey everyone! My name is Natahni Paquachan and I am 15 years old, i was and raised on a farm with loving dear grandparents. They taught me to be the perfectionist i am today, from chores to attending my sports events such as badminton, volleyball, basketball and cross country To singing and dancing passionately through out the years. and excelling in school as well as, meeting people from all over the country and traveling.

I love performing and making people laugh.and giving someone a sense of belonging. I have succeeded greatly in all sports, from maintaining a no-loss win with Cross country for 3 years. to getting most valuable player in others. Music and being with animals is part of me ,it gives me a sense of joy and confidence to take the world. and it’s dis advantages. I am very positive,ambitious with a big heart in the things i do and the impression i want to make. I want to inspire and be the best role model I can be to my younger sisters and brothers as well as friends and people around my community!

My platform is to stop portraying beauty and body images in the media, alot of ladies see these woman in magazine articles urging them to loose weight to have the perfect body and perfect beauty to have perfect marriages, loving children and a rewarding career, and this is false, i believe and put my hands down on this, any woman or any man can have all those advantages without being pressured to be ”perfect”. so my word is about being truly yourself, going out there and not giving 2 sense of what people think about you, big body or small body. you can still make a   difference 🙂

My first post is sponsored by Toronto roof company.

I am super excited about Nationals in Toronto and will blog about how i will  be   preparing everything eventful and inspiring.
xoxo Miss Teen Central Saskatchewan-World 2012.

Written by: Natahni Paquachan

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Welcome aboard Natahni Paquachan. Good to hear that you’re a perfectionist. The way to perfect blogging is easy to digest paragraphs with headers, pictures,and links.

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