Just recently my sponsor the Wadena co-op hosted a bbq. They supplied me with the bbq, the hotdogs, burgers and condiments. I began at 11, since it was a cold and windy day i thought i wouldn’t recieve much costumers, I had only 3 helpers but that did the job! Sure enough people would go into the co-op and on there way out would stop and grab a burger or two. The plan was to end at 1 but it took us till 1:30 because of more people wanting morre bbq! I am so thankful to have the support of the Wadena Co-op as well as the Wadena Drug store 🙂 They both ended up handing me 4 hundred dollars towards Free the Children. It was such a spectacular day!

Written by: Natahni Paquachan

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Dont forget to add category information and you could probably link to the Wadena co-op website. They would no doubt appreciate the link.

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